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CDS Exclusive: Interview With Ayah Marar

Ayah Marar rose to fame only just a few years ago. Prior to the start of her music career, she worked in a record store. As you will learn by reading this article, Ayah met Calvin Harris when he stopped by the shop she worked at. Ayah Marar collaborated with Calvin Harris multiple times and even launched her own new record label (Hussle Girl). She released her debut album, The Real, in the UK and worldwide in October 2012. The album reached the American and Canadian markets in the Summer of 2013. The album features the singles "Mind Controller", "Unstoppable", "Beg, Borrow, Steal" and "The Raver". Her collaboration with Calvin Harris, "Thinking About You", was Harris' 9th top 10 hit from his debut album in the UK and reached the #1 position on the CDS Music Chart Top 50. It was also Ayah's first charting United States entry, reaching #115 on the chart so far.

1. Where did you meet Calvin Harris?

We met at a record shop called Uptown Records where I used to work.  He came in to buy some records and play us a demo, I thought he was the most refreshing thing I had come across in a long time and we have been the closest of friends ever since.

2. Are there any artists you really want to work with?

For sure!  Frank Ocean, Sean Paul, Sly & Robbie, Robyn ... And the dream is Prince.

3. When did the plans for your album "The Real" come to mind?

They had been building for a while but it all came together when I met Will Simms and we 'fell in love' and decided to make something together.

4. When working on your album, did you sit down and write everything all at once or did you write over a long period of time?

We locked ourselves away for 4-5 months in a dark room and wrote and wrote and wrote every day.  I loved it!

5. Which of your songs means the most to you and why?

That's would be like choosing a favourite child, they all mean something to me in a different way.

6. What are your plans for upcoming releases, collaborations or tours?

More tracks to come in the new year, collaborations, tours of course. First single of the year will drop soon, and of course it's very important to me to keep supporting upcoming artists and push the UK scene any way I can through my company HUSSLE GIRL.

7. What helps you write or record music?


8. Who or what inspired you to become an artist?

It can't have been one thing in particular, my mother was a great inspiration, my piano teacher was wonderful as was my ballet teacher. They all gave me the discipline. Then I discovered rock music which gave me freedom of expression, hiphop and reggae made me fall in love with music even more and it's been a steady growth into becoming an artist.

9. What was the hardest step you took to become an artist? Why was it so hard for you?

I think the biggest struggle we face is making sure we leave our mark, that people understand our mission and that we are spreading the right message. I think we have a responsibility the moment we have any kind of influence, and that for me is maybe not the hardest thing but the most important.

Editor's notes: I couldn't agree more with #9! Thanks so much for stopping by Ayah!

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